playas de tarifa 03The province of Cádiz has a privileged geographical position, which has greatly influenced the Spain's history by echoes of all periods where the Romans, Arabs, Christians have remained, and where several villages have retained the surname "de la Frontera". We visit three towns: Tarifa, Castellar and Jimena, all inserted in Campo de Gibraltar region.

castellar 01The winds, the position, and its mild climate and landscape, has become Tarifa into a city that does not rest even one day in the year. Constantly communicated by sea with the Pearl of Moroccan North, the city of Tangier, Tarifa is raised as the southernmost city in the Iberian Peninsula, which proud the province of Cádiz has to have her territory
The Guzman's Castle, the Church of San Mateo, and its white walls and streets are testimony from its past and a present that day and night merges to be the guardian of Europe and the loving contemplator of Africa. La Playa Chica ( the Small Beach ) and Playa de los Lances are their maritime jewels.
From Tarifa we will depart towards Algeciras, and we will go along the edge of the bay, where we have a panoramic view of the by the Romans called Monte Calpe, Rock of Gibraltar today. Of the ring along the bay, we continue north and we enter the inner zone of the Campo de Gibraltar, inserted in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales, we visit the village of Castellar, who lives in quiet countrysides between modernity and the alive history. El Castillo and forests of Almoraima make an icon of the population not to forget.
Our tour ends in Jimena, somewhat north of Castellar. The Roman OBA, is crowned in a monumental castle, located in the Cerro de San Cristobal, which is like the point of oversight all the Campo de Gibraltar area. Important monuments such as the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels, in the outskirts of Jimena, and their churches like La Misericordia.
Also it is part of a rail route that from Ronda to Algeciras, it travels through valleys and mountains joining the mountains on the border of two provinces, Málaga and Cádiz.

jimena 01