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catas 0The Sherry forms a wide palette of colours, aromas, sensations and possibilities. In Jerez wine tasting not only the palate is used to taste, but the smell and view.

catas maridajes 03catas maridajes 02Manuel Lozano Bodegas LustaHence, the ideal place for tasting should be good-illuminated, airy, quiet, odor-free and medium temperature level.
There are also tourist that simply enjoy the tasting. It is necessary to differentiate the professional tasting consumer or amateur tastings.
If you want we organize a professional wine tasting or for beginners and enthusiasts in general, Dasniva organises it with all the guarantees in the best wineries in Jerez.
Everyone can enjoy wine, no need of big knowledge.
Wine is fun; have a good time with their grapes, aromas, colours and textures.
Share and learn.
The objective: to enjoy, increasingly, the wine greatness.

If you want in addition a customize tour, just order it. We will be pleased to offer you our alternatives.

catas maridajes 04

All our tours....
....are guided walk, with a varied lenght,

maximum 1 h 30 min.
.....are private and customized for each


  • Maximum 25 people per group.
  • If the group have more than 25 people, we would divide into two smaller groups.
  • The tours are made by an expert tourist guide
  • Available languages: Spanish, English and Italian. Other languages on request.
  • The tour does not include tickets to monuments / museums.
  • If you want to enter into the monuments, just order us.
  • We will make the reservation for you and of course, you have the guided tour to the interior.
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • Difficulty level:   low.