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From 27 November to 24 december,  2020

zambombas 01The Flamenco Christmas  (Zambombas Flamencas) is a very particular way of living Christmas in Jerez, that is lost in time.
zambombas 02

Jerez enjoys numerous Zambombas Flamencas the month of December.

 This old tradition was born in the houses, where their inhabitants  ften shared a single coal stove.

While housewives prepared the Christmas cakes, the families and friends sang and danced around the fire to keep warm.

These traditional  Zambombas Flamencas were held on Christmas Eve and lasted well into the morning, just in time for the mother or grandmother have a short sleep and back into the kitchen to prepare the Christmas meal.

The party takes place outdoors around a campfire, drinking anise, brandy and eating Christmas sweets, and people play, sing and dance old Flamenco Carols until the morning.
The Zambomba is the traditional way to enjoy Christmas in Jerez.

Zambombas en Jerez Zambombas en Jerez Zambombas en Jerez