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Holy Week 2019 in Spain will begin on
Sunday, april 14 and ends on Sunday, April 21

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The Holy Week (Semana Santa) is a significant religious festival in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia, in the southern Spain, declared to be of National Tourist Interest, dates back over hundreds of years and is of great traditional significance here in the city.

The richness of the religious figures carried through the streets upon magnificent pasos decorated with delicate silverwork and embroidery, together with the deep felt popular connotations of the festival itself, perfectly illustrated by the spontaneous singing of the traditional saetas issuing from the secluded corners of the historic centre of Jerez, offering the spectator a unique vision of Semana Santa in Andalucia.

The spectacle takes on additional value here in Jerez, proffering the chance to savour the beauty of the historic centre of the city at a season of the year, Spring, when the aroma of orange blossom emanates from the orange trees, permeating every corner of Jerez. Strolling around the narrow streets and picturesque squares whilst contemplating the spectacular processions presents the perfect opportunity to enter some of the most typical bars in the city and taste the delights of local gastronomy accompanied by a local sherry wine.

This combination of sensations is unique to Semana Santa in Jerez which will surely fail to leave the visitor indifferent if they wish to immerse themselves in the festivity and its multiple forms of popular expression.

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