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Cadiz Carnival is world-renowned as a huge street party. It is one of the most famous, well-attended events in the whole of Spain and the third largest event in the world, after Rio and Trinidad.  Over the period of a fortnight, the streets of Cadiz fill up with happy people drinking and dancing. This event attracts thousands of people every year.

Cadiz, known as the 'Small Silver Cup', is transformed into a real party in Carnaval.

The official launch begins with the opening speech, which traditionally is held in the "Plaza de San Antonio".
The origins of Carnival are lost in time, taking written evidence of their existence in the seventeenth century.

At that time the most popular classes held dances and parties, that for their insolence and lust ,were not much liked by the nobility and the Church.

However, over time, aristocracy and clergy eventually resigned to this popular event, to the point that it became institutionalized.

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