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Visit our shop and find craft products at factory prices, such as:

Handbags and leather articles for young people
Sherry wines and vinegar,
extra virgin olive oil
and hundreds of products made in Andalusia.

visita accesible jerez 02visita accesible jerez 04Traveling, no matter what the physical or sensory limitations are, it is a pleasure for everyone.
Our tours and events are organized specifically for groups or collectives, either public, private associations, foundations, NGOs, etc.

Dasniva makes possible travelers enjoying, being safe and comfortable, avoiding loaded schedules and selecting destinations, places and routes where travelers should not deal with natural or artificial obstacles. Our tour guides are specialists in making life easier for all travelers with mitations and special needs.

Our company, plans each event and action plans in cooperation with the sponsor group, allways proposing accommodations, tours and restaurants adapted to each specific disability.
We have adapted buses, routes and eshaped and adapted to each group and disability activities.

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